About Us

The Space Agency Fan Fund is a 501(c)3 IRS-recognized non-profit whose goal is to promote Outer Space related activities by all nations.  So far we’ve mostly concentrated on NASA, but our goal is to expand to promoting other Space Agencies as well.  The fans running it are most involved in conducting the World Science Fiction Convention, but also volunteer for many other science fiction  and related conventions. 

Sponsored Activities

What we’ve done to date is to pay for air fare and expenses for bringing an astronaut, and usually a spokesperson, to World Science Fiction Conventions.  We’ve done this for the last 3 World Science Fiction Conventions, either through direct sponsorships or while our organization was being created.  The conventions included the recent WorldCons in Helsinki, Kansas City, and Spokane.

How It Works

What We Ask is that your convention pays for the hotel room for the astronaut and spokesperson.  We pay for the rest.  We ask that if the convention makes a surplus that we be put in line to be reimbursed for those expenditures.

 Grant Application

Please use our Grant Application to ask us to sponsor an astronaut to attend your convention.  Please contact us for any questions.  We need to have the application at least six months so that we can make arrangements through whichever Space Agency may be involved.

Contact us at  brucefarr2002@yahoo.com  Bruce Farr, Secretary/Treasurer for SAFF

Image credit:  STS-129 Crew, NASA